Reset Epson T60 -Waste Ink Pads Counter overflow

Reset Epson T60hi hello friends today, we learn about the Epson T6waste ink pad counter so I can tell errors and problems of the Epson printer. It is a common problem if the t60 waste ink pad counter. Was overflow or the system need service or end of life of the waste ink pad counter?

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full maximum prints the system warns us by blinking led all lights that were a warning. The solution is you have to download the Reset Epson T60 software and install it make reset your Deskjet printer manually. easy process. Useful method thank you for reading have a great time good luck

About the T60 printer: T60 ink pad counter jet is a single colour function and good quality prints…

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Reset Epson T60: How to Reset With T60 Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Program 

First Make Sure power on (Switch on) And Connect To Computer System With a USB 2.0 Cable

If and Need to install the Printer Driver Download Epson T60 Resetter Below Link and Follow the Steps To Reset the Waste ink pad Counter easily

1: Extract the zip file

2: Run the “Adjprogcracked.exe” file

3: now, you have to click on the “select button.”

4: you should select the printer model name, and click on the “ok” button

5: now, you can choose a “particular adjustment mode.”

6: Next select the “waste ink pad counter” and press the “ok” button

7: you can choose “main pad counter,” press the “check” button, showing the “reading now box” after leading the result

You have to press the “initialization” button, establish a dialogue box you click “ok” After showing a dialogue box like “please turn off the printer,” click on “ok.”

Now Your Printer Successfully Reset using Epson T60 Resetter Software (Epson Adjustment Program

For more Information On How To Reset T60 Watch The Video…


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Reset the Epson T60 adjustment program


Epson T60 Printer Spare Parts online:

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  1. I am getting a pale yellowish color print – all colors are missing. I tried to do this nozzle clean process 2-3 times but now it is just doing b/w prints. Please assist.

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