Request Refund / Cancellation

Easy Refunds – Not satisfied with a Software/service

If you are not satisfied with your product if there is any issue with the seller’s commitment to delivering

the product do not worry! We are here to help.

Your problem & error screenshot send email to

Refer to the payment confirmation email you received upon successful transaction and click on the link to request for a refund.

You will be redirected to the Instamojo website. Use the email address you used to make the transaction to sign in/create a buyer account and create a case there.

You can use this account to monitor the progress of your case as well as other spends made on the Instamojo payment gateway.

Instamojo disputes team will investigate the issue and ensure that you get the service you paid for or process a refund as the case may be.

Request Refund Now:

Create a refund case- Buyer

How to create a refund case?
you need to create a case within 5 days from purchase the product.
Requesting a refund on Instamojo is simple. Refer to the email confirmation that you received from Instamojo upon your successful purchase. Click on Report an issue, to raise a request for a refund.
Once you create a case you can monitor the status of the same/add comments in your Instamojo buyer dashboard under the Resolution Center tab.
You will receive an update from our disputes team in 24-48 hours and they shall ensure that your concerns are resolved.

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