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Reset Epson L850: Hello Everyone Today We Are Discussing the problems and service needed for the printer here the entire device has errors and problems generally the Epson L850 printer is at the end of its life. Waste pad counter or overflow of the waste ink tank. Naturally, every Epson had inside ink pads to collect the waste and clean the ink pads.

In contrast, the device runs, and we are sure this is a problem we have to solve it don’t worry here is a solution, so we need the Epson program to fix this problem you have to download the Reset Epson L850 waste pad counter, soft…

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About the Epson L850 printer

About the  Epson L850 printer: This is a multifunctional printer, and it is low-cost  it can print in 6 colours it is a fast and genuine ink

First Step: you need to extract Follow the advice I give Your device Waste pad counter will reset

The Second Step: Download the Epson L850 Resetter And Extract the Winrar File Then Follow the Steps To Reset the Waste Ink Pad Counter Easily

  Epson L850 Resetter Adjustment Program Tool

Method 1:

How to reset Epson L850 waste inkpad printer: 

  1. extract the zip file with the Password Below link
  2. Run the “adjprog.exe” and accept the terms and condition
  3. Click on the Select button.
  4. Next, click on the “waste pad counter.”
  5. And check the “main pad counter jet.”
  6. You can see the “waste counter” is showing full.
  7. Next, click on “initialization” and click on power’s power on the printer, The waste counter is 0% points, and click on the finish button.

More problems with the Epson L850 printer: 

  1. All lights blinking error
  2. Blank sheet
  3. Service need error
  4. Ink overflow error
  5. White sheet
  6. Ink out error

Method 2: 

How to Install Epson L850 Printer Driver: 

  • Turn On Your Computer And Download Driver Easily
  • Download setup files Quickly By Clicking the Given Link
  • after Download setup files You can See the next Dialogue box you can Select the Printer Model And Click Ok
  • Now select the language in the following dialogue box
  • The agreement is found in which there are agree and Disagree options. Click on agree and click OK
  • Now run the install option and install the software
  • Connect USB Drive To Your Computer
  • Now you will show the automatic detect
  • If you click on the install button, the installation process will begin

For more information  on How to Reset Watch this Video

Get Epson L850 Resetter Download For Click Here…

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Epson l850 adjustment program


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