Reset Epson L355 – waste ink pad counter reset

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Reset Epson L355: hi hello everyone here is a solution for Epson L355 waste ink pad counter resetting nowadays The Epson printers had normal errors that are ink tank overflow? Or multiple paper feed? Struck the printer while in printing process it means Epson printer is service needed generally the Epson printer had inside inkpads it collect the waste ink while the printing process when the ink pad overflow at this time end the life of the waste ink pads the printer warns us by blinking all led lights we sure this an error we have to fix this error you need to download the Epson adjustment program this software is reset your Reset Epson L355 waste ink pad counter manually so friends it simple process to follow and get impressive performance from your Epson L355 Printer thank you…

Epson l355 adjustment program


Reset Epson L355: About Epson l355 printer: Epson L355 Wi-Fi Ink-Jet Color All In One Malti Function Printer ( Print, Copy, Scan) Print Speed 33 ppm Scan Speed 12 ppm 

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How to reset Epson L355 waste ink pad counter:

Important: First You Need Download & Install Epson   Driver and Connect Printer With USB 2.0 The Power On Printer

Second Step: Need Download Epson Resetter And Extract Winrar File Follow The Steps To Easily Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

  1. Run  “AdjProg” Epson Adjustment Program link
  2. Select the  ModelName
  3. Click on Particular Adjustment Mode
  4. Next  click on “Maintenance”
  5. Click On” Waste Ink Pad counter”
  6. Click “Ok”
  7. Next  click on “Waste Ink Pad counter
  8. Select “Main Pad Counter”
  9. click check  See maximum prints is 100%
  10. Click on InitializeButton  Click Ok
  11. FinishProgram Close All Windows

More Epson L355 Printer Problems:

  • Service Required

  • All Light Blinking

  • Paper Pick Up Problem

  • Line On Printing

More Information How to Reset Watch the Video…

Epson l355 resetter tool


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