Epson L475 Resetter – waste ink pad Counter

Epson L475 Resetter: hi hello everyone here is the solution for Epson L 475 waste ink pad counter nowadays the Epson printer had inkpad errors and tracking problems we have to solve these types of mistakes the Epson printer had internal inkpads it collects the waste ink when the printer

Run the waste ink tank was overflowing the system automatically stops printing, and the printer warns us by blinking all led lights we sure we have to fix the error you need to download the Epson adjustment program.

Waste ink pad counters The software download and installs it this software makes reset your Epson printer manual. and fixes all errors so friends this an easy process to clear your Epson printer problems thank you, friends, for reading my article Epson

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About the Epson L475 printer: it wireless multiple function printing without cartridges, and it is affordable for office and home. purpose use it is print up to 7000 colour prints and up to 4000 black prints, it can print without any pc because it has the large led screen forsee

How to reset Epson L475 waste ink pad counter with Using Epson L475 Resetter Software Tool

  1. extract the zip file
  2. Run the “adjprog.exe” and accept the terms and condition
  3. Click on the select button.
  4. Next, click on the “waste ink pad counter.”
  5. And check the “main pad counter jet.”
  6. You can see the printer “waste ink pad counter” is showing full.
  7. Next, click on “initialization” and click on the power of the printer.
  8. power on printer, waste ink pad counter is 0% points and
  9. Next click on the finish button

Get Download Free Epson Adjustment Program Of Epson L475 Resetter Click Here 


Epson l475 adjustment program


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