Reset Epson L380 Software Tool Download [Working]

 hi hello everyone today we are learning about how to reset your waste ink pad counter, jet I will explain it generally the printer had internal inkpads it collects the waste ink when the printer runs when the ink pad counter overflows your printer stop printing automatically at the end of the life of the waste ink pad or full maximum prints ex 100% the printer warns us by blinking all led lights the system show error message 

Are you thinking about How to reset Reset Epson L380 Printer Don’t worry download Reset epson l380 Software Tool and reset waste ink pad counter good luck.

We have to fix this problem you need to download the adjustment program Reset utility it reset your Reset L380-L383-L385-l485 waste ink pad counter, jet manually so friends it an easy process you follow this process and you get a better solution in resetting your Device thank you, friends, for reading this article enjoy printing

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Reset Epson L380

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Reset Epson L380

About the printer: this multi-color printer is black cyan magenta yellow these colours are used in this  it prints speed up to 10ipm for black and 5.0ipm for colour printing this is all in one ink tank printer high-quality printer 

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the L380 Driver Download for Click Here…

Reset: How to reset the waste ink pad counter 

First Disable Antivirus (Macfee, quick heal, NPAV, KASPERKEY, ETE)

Reset Epson L380

Extract the zip file

Reset Epson L380

You Need Enter Password (12345)

Reset Epson L380

Click the Run-me file to open the Adjustment Program…

Reset Epson L380

Next Click Ok to open l380 Resetter Program

Reset epson L380

Now you have to click on the “select button.”

You should select the printer model name, and click on the “ok” button

Select “model Name” & “USB Port” click Ok 

Reset epson L380

Now you can select a “particular adjustment mode.”

Next, you have to select the “waste ink pad counter” and press the “ok” button.

Reset Epson l380

“Main pad counter” Next press the “check” button showing “reading now box” after leading the result

reset epson l380

You have to press the “initialization” button, now showing a dialogue box.

reset epson l380

You click “ok.” After leading the dialogue box like “please turn off the printer,” click on “ok.”

reset epson l380

Get Reset l380 Keygen Download Here( Free Version Not Available Currently I Will Add Link To This Post)  Resetter Works For waste ink Pad Reseting

More Information For Watch The Video

Reset Epson l380: Download

Reset Red Light Blinking Problem Solution Software…

Epson printers are best to solve identified problems. The printers have a common problem the waste ink pad counter and overflow error. The shows all red lights blinking error messages, the printer ink pads at the end of their service life. you have contacted  Support. ”Will be displayed on your PC. You need to red light blinking problem solution software download by the utility tool.

Red Light Blinking Problem Solution Software

To Reset the printer all Red lights blinking problem on your printer with waste ink counter, overflow, and the program. Now you can fix the” service required error.”

Every printer has to include waste ink pads and many sponge pads that are answerable for engrossing, gathering obliging waste ink during the printing, and cleaning the print head. When these Waste Ink Pads are flooding, will quit working naturally. That time you download by software to does service required software free download

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Reset software free download with keygen

  • first, turn on the printer by connecting the USB cable
  • Open the adj prog zip file
  • Now choose the printer model
  • then click the particular adjustment mode
  • next click, waste ink pad counter
  • main pad counter check
  • choose main pad counter, and tick initialize
  • next turn of the printer.

When your printer switches off the printing, the two dark red LEDs flicker with each other and the impractical comfort on the power button continues as before. And then again, the Crimson Error Notification window will show up on your PC show when you try to print. You should not go to every other webpage now and we will discuss the response here in view of the fact that these are flexible locations. Follow the steps in personal use and you will be in a position to clear this issue with a 100% guarantee..

Epson L380 ink pad

The message refers to ink cushions (ink pads), which are actually collecting, spreading, and especially inks on the printer’s permeable cushions. … Many clients will not receive this message again except for changing the printer for a number of reasons.

The printer has some sponge pads(wipe cushions), commonly known as ‘waste Ink Cushions’. the system thoroughly cleans its print head and creates Skander Ink at all times. This waste ink is consumed by these waste ink cushions, causing them to flood sooner or later. This can cause a waste ink cushion blender to shut down Printing Machine.

Epson printer is not working?

Actually, look at the example and print the spot to check if there are any stops on the spot. Clean the print head if necessary. Make sure the paper size, direction, and plan settings in your printer programming software are correct. Make sure there are no clean pages in your record

Software – L380 Resetter Tool

Epson l380 Adjustment Program | l385 l485 resetter

Epson L380 Adjustment Program [Free Download] Service Required

How to fix printing blank pages

How to Install Printer Driver Using USB Drive: 

  • First Of All, Start your computer and Download Drive from the Below link
  • Setup Files Will Be Downloaded By Clicking Given Link
  • after Download setup files You can See the next Dialogue box you can Select Printer Model And Press Ok Button
  • Now select the language To Continue in the following dialogue box
  • the  License Agreement is found in which there are agree and Disagree options. Click on agree and click Ok
  • Now run the install option and install the software That Printer Driver
  • Attach a USB printer to your computer
  • Now your printer will show the printer automatic detect
  • If you press the install button, the installation process will begin shortly
  • Finish And ready to print

Epson L380 Printer Spare Parts online:

Some other Epson Adjustment Program Download:

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