Waste Ink Pad Reset Epson l1800 – Free Download


Waste Ink Pad Reset Epson l1800

Reset Epson l1800hi hello everyone today we learn about L 1800 resetting. We need to know that the Printer has an inside inkpad. It collects the waste ink when an overflow of the waste ink pads at the end of the waste ink pad’s life.

So we have to solve this problem the warns us by blinking all LED lights you need to download the adjustment program and install it in this Software to reset the Printer waste ink pad counter. manually so I hope this is used fully on your Reset Epson l1800  device thank you for reading this article

Epson L1800 service required Error: Waste Ink Pad Counter Reached Full Maximum limit Need Reset with Resetter Software Program

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Reset Epson l1800

Reset Epson l1800: About L1800 printer: this device is a multi-colour functional printer we can print scan and copy with this printer. We use genuine ink in the printer, the six colours used in the L800. There is light magenta light cyan black, yellow cyan magenta

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Necessary: Make sure Connect Printer To Computer

First: You Need to Download & Install  l1800 Driver and Connect Printer With USB 2.0 The Power On the Printer

Second: Need Download Epson Resetter And Extract Winrar File Follow The Steps To Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Easily

Reset Epson l1800:

How to reset your Epson L 1800 waste ink pad counter: 

  1. You have to download the adjustment program tool from the given link.
  2. Extract the  “adjustment program.zip” file
  3. Run the “ad prog application file
  4. And click the “accept “button.
  5. Click on the main pad counter” and “platen pad counter.”
  6. Click on the “check button after this process clicks on the “initialization” button.
  7. Your Epson L800 resetting process is complete.

And turn off the printer and turn on the printer

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Information on How to Reset Watch the Video…


Epson l1800 adjustment program


How to Fix Epson l1800 printer ink pad

– at the end of its service life error

Epson l1800 ink pad reached full at the end of its service life error solved in two stages.  In the first stage is starting with cleaning or replacing the ink pad and is followed by resetting the  l1800 waste ink pad counter. After completing the two steps the will return to its normal stage and it can be used again

The Epson L1800 has a large range of sponge pads (wipe cushions), often referred to as ‘waste ink pads’. During printer head cleaning, Squander Ink (waste ink) is created. When waste ink cushions flood, these cushions take up this kind of waste ink and the L1800 printer stops working naturally. “The ink cushion is about to surrender its auxiliary life.” This problem has been identified as a ‘waste ink pad counter over flood” problem. We also provide the overall rules on the best way to use the L1800 adjustment program to reset your Epson L1800.

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Reset Epson L1800 ink pad

To reset the L1800 Inkpad counter, select the Main pad counter, actually click the View box, and then click the Reset button. The process of resetting the ink cushion counter begins. The cycle should happen quickly and you should immediately see a discourse that cares about pop.

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