[Software] Epson L380 Resetter Adjustment program Tool

Download (Epson l380 Resetter) –  tool For Windows operating systems. From this web site, Epson adjustment program tool For waste ink pad. Resetting programming builds By Epson Printers. first available January 2017 waste ink pad reset software download Epson L380 resetter Below Link

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what is Epson L380 Resetter Adjustment program

Resetter software for service required Error remove tool. Epson L380 Adjustment Program for printer shows waste ink pad counter,  L380 overflow, and red lights blinking one by one. You Need to Reset your printer.

The Epson L380 Resetter Adjustment Program is a software tool that resets the Epson printer, waste ink pad counter. Also known as Epson 380 Resetter. This software tool works for a lifetime, and you can download and save it to your computer drive.

Epson L380 Service required How to fix it : The epson L380 printer model sometimes shows errors such as ‘service required’, its red LED lights start flashing one by one or the printer stops printing due to ink pad issues.

You can fix this problem with the adjustment program or the Epson L380 reset tool. The Epson Adjustment Program link is an available download button. Below are the steps to download and reset the Epson L380 Adjustment Program software from our website.

Fix Problem In 5 minutes download and follow the steps to fix red light blinking one by one (service required)

Why the service Required, or red LED light Blinking Error Comes Up Has your printer stopped printing?

The printer depends on the logic board capacity, Waste Ink Pod Counter is set I’ll tell you today how to reset the waste ink pod,  we need Epson L380 Adjustment Program software. How to download it and how to reset it.

Epson l380 red light blinking problem solution

Is the reset Epson L380 printer stopped printing, and the red light is blinking by one? You Don’t Worry search on the internet for the solution on Epson l380 resetter tool free. you get an answer from our website how to reset waste ink pad counter with Epson adjustment program L380.

How many times works Epson adjustment program L380 Winrar file

Good news for the customer. This software program works Lifetime, any l380 printer & any computer operating system. ex:- (windows 10, windows 7, windows 8, windows XP, Mac Linux) & later…

Where to buy this and how to works software bellow given full details and contact us any query email to otc.vmd@gmail.com

Features of Epson L380 Resetter Adjustment Program…


  • EEPROM data copy
  • Initial setting
  • Head ID input
  • First dot position adjustment
  • Top margin adjustment
  • Head angular adjustment
  • Bi-D adjustment
  • PF / EJ adjustment
  • PF band adjustment
  • CR motor heat protection control
  • PF motor heat protection control
  • the Scanner motor heat protection control


  • Head cleaning
  • Ink charge
  • Waste ink pad counter
  • Shipping setting


  • Final check pattern
  • EEPROM dump
  • Printer information check
  • Paper feed test

Don’t Waste Your Time for Searching Epson L380 Resetter Tool.

The Epson L380 Printers Default set (6207)points. Waste Ink Pad Counter Points both red lights flashing one by one. (service required) you need to reset the ink pads l380 via the Epson adjustment program

Users Questions Can I Download Epson l380 resetter adjustment program free download

Yes sure Epson adjustment program l380 download free full version But Only in Some free websites

How To Reset Waste ink L380 Printer

How to fix service required Error Showing On The Computer. WIC Reset Tool equal Epson l380 adjustment program keygen (Resetter)

Printer Epson l380 showing errors end of their service life, of the printers ink pads reached full. Printer stopped working. Next, waste ink pad counter. Overflow error.

Resetter How to use ink tank printer 

Reset Epson printer step by step 

  • Disable Antivirus ( Check All Programs) & Programs And features 
  • Reset Epson L380 Blogspot Free Download Zip File
  • Disable Any Antivirus Software On Computer” From All Programs”
  • Minimum 5 to 15 minutes disable The antivirus Software
  • Open Winrar File “Right Click” Extract Here
  •  Enter Password “*****” Next click Ok to extracted File 
  • Open Folder “Epson L380 Resetter” Name Of Epson L380 printer Working
  • click run me the File to open the adj program below image type
  • next click ok to open Epson Adjustment Program 
  • Select Click “printer model & port”
  • Choose Printer “Model Name” And “Port” USB001(L380 Series)
  • Click On “Particular Adjustment Mode”
  • Select “Waste Ink Pad Counter” Click Ok
  • The checkBox “Main Pad Counter” Click “Check” Button
  • once again Check “Main pad Counter” & Click “Initialize button 
  • Click Ok Button To reset Done 
  • Please Turn Off Printer & turn On 
  • Click Ok to 100% Completed waste Ink Pad reset done

How to use resetter Epson l380 video Watch this

Download link reset utility (Epson l380 printer)

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If you have any problem questions, any throbbing on Epson resetter file downloading or opening problem, please contact us.

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