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Epson L361 Resetter: Epson l series is the first version after the series l100. It has to limit printing. The limit of printing exceeded the red, and block colours blinked on the printer. Epson L361 Printer Windows flashing on the computer screen displays a dialogue box the service required. Epson produces more printers. They are inkjet and laser printers. Some printers have a simple button that we can press button the data cleared quickly.

Epson l361 adjustment program free download full version from given below link. Epson l361 is an ultra-low-cost, high-performance all-in-one ink tank printer. Epson l361 is designed for a built-in software program. Using this Epson l361 resetter free download rar tool, you can easily reset the Epson l361 printer. In this post, we provide a 100% working tool for resetting the Epson printer.

Epson l361 reset utility free download- Epson l361 resetter is used to reset the Epson printer l361 waste ink pad counter. When the Epson l361 waste ink pad counter overflow when you’re printer showing Epson l361 red light blinking error, many people don’t know how to reset all lights blinking. If you want to Epson l361, all lights blinking error solution read this end to end.

Epson resetter software free download: Epson l361 printer showing a printer’s ink pad reached full at the end of its service life. Epson printer can print several pages at a time, now Epson l361 need to service required resetting this Epson l series printer you must download the Epson l120 l220 l310 l311 l361 l363 l561 l563 l810 l811 adjustment program-resetter tool.

Epson l361 printer driver download this is the best and high printing speed it provides high accuracy. Epson printer can print 15PPM speed for color printing and 18 ppm for black & white printing. Now you can get Epson l361 Driver download or Epson l361 scanner software free download for manual.

How to reset the Epson l361 resetter

  • Switch on the Epson printer series L361 model.
  • First, we will download the Epson resetter program.
  • Run the program Resetter Epson L361 manner.
  • Adjprog.exe double click on the file.
  • Next, click the SELECT button in the dialogue box to choose the model printer to reset.
  • Select the Printer Model after clicking the Particular adjustment mode.
  • Next, select “waste ink pad counter” after clicking the OK button.
  • After select “Waste Ink Pad Counter”, tick Main Pad Counter.
  • Two buttons are check and initialization.
  • Check the button used to check the ink point.
  • And the Initialization button used to reset the Pad Counter.
  • If successful, finish the reset process by pressing the FINISH button.

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L360 Resetter Download

How to download the Epson L361 Resetter

 1:  Extract the zip file

2: Run the “Adjprog.exe” file

3:  we should click on the “Select” Button

4: Next, select the appropriate model name after click the “OK” button.

5: Next, select the “Particular adjustment mode”.

6: select the waste ink pad counter” after press “OK” button.

7: Tick on the “main pad” counter after press on the “check button.” It is showing the reading now box. Next press the initialization button, it is offering a dialogue box and click OK

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