Canon G2000 Ink Price In India 2021


Canon G2000 Ink Price In India 2021

Canon g2000 ink price in IndiaWith high return ink controls of up to 7000 pages, clients can appreciate printing without having to worry about ink costs or running out of ink supply. With our great ink cartridges, you can get the best printing execution in high contrast (black and white). Or on the other hand beautiful finish, you will be satisfied with the final product

Canon g2000 printer ink bottle price

With this high-limit Canon g2000 ink price in India printer ink bottle, it means you can print more at a lower cost. Be of exceptional quality when printing. Proffisy Inc. The analogy is solid; the printing effect is more recognizable and striking

Canon G2000 Printer Ink Original

Regardless of whether you use the printer consistently or not, there may be some ink beads that have dried on the cylinder from the ink cartridges – Canon g2000 ink price or on the print heads. Use a printer cleaning cycle once or twice a month to remove any excess ink from the print heads. Small papers can stick inside the machine and even print heads, so use a little packed air to blow off residue or paper every time you clean the printhead monthly.

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Canon G2000 Ink Price In India 2021

Compatible With

Canon PIXMA G1000 G1010 / G1100, Canon PIXMA G2000  G2002  G2010, Canon PIXMA G2012  and G2100, Canon PIXMA G3000  G3010, Canon PIXMA G3012  G3100, Canon PIXMA G4000  G4010, Canon PIXMA G1900  G2900  G3900, Canon PIXMA G1800  G2800 and G3800


  • Brand: Proffisy
  • Compatibility Options: Compatible
  • Page Yield: 7000
  • Compatible Devices: printers
  • tem Height: 12 Centimeters
  • Item Width: ‎45 Millimeters
  • Manufacturer: prophesy Item Weight: ‎580 g

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