Epson l380 Resetter free Download – 100% working

Hello everyone good news for all Epson l380 printer user now free Epson l380 resetter free download from this web site. Epson l380 date first available 23 January 2017 but not available this printer reset software free download you don’t worry now I ’m giving resetter link in this article, we learn today How to reset l380-l383-l385-l485 model printers.

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How to reset waste ink pad counter l380-l383-l385-l485

step by step guide with images

Step 1: Windows installed “Antivirus Disable”

Step 2: you need Change Date & Year to 01-08-2017

3: Epson l380 Resetter free download above link

Step 4: open the resetter file Winrar, click on Adjprog.exe next type password (thanks)

Step 5: and open keygen.exe. File and type password (thanks)

6: Copy the license ID paste in keygen click on new key next shown activation key

Step 7: next copy the activation key and paste register window next click ok now open Epson adjustment program window

8: select model name Epson l380 and select portUSB001 (L380 series)

Step 9: click on waste ink pad counter click ok

10: check right mark in box main pad counter click on check shown reset points 6207 of 6209 (100%) printer reached the maximum limit of the counter

Step 11: click on initialize button next click ok please turn off the printer turn on the printer

Now your printer is ready to print if any other printing problems & more resetters visit this web site

Epson l380 Resetter Free Download | Blank Printing

What is the waste ink pad counter?

Most of the people don’t what is the waste ink pad what is the use of the waste ink pad counter now you are don’t worry about this, here we are explained about the waste ink pad counter. Waste ink pad counter is the name of a sponge. That it is used to collect the waste ink in your Epson printer. The waste ink pad collects waste ink in your printer and this device is used to clean Epson inkjet printer. And one of the best uses of this waste ink pad counter, at the printing time your printer inkjet overflow at the time printer will be stopped and all lights are blinking.

Reset Epson Waste ink pad counter using WIC Utility by four simple steps.

  1. The first thing you download and install WIC reset utility

Click to run the program installation, here you open the app,  it will be automatically updated and download will be started. Wait for a few minutes now download completed.

  1. Printer selection

Now open the app and click to refresh button, next click on the supported modules.

  1. Free WIC reset key

Here each printer has the different WIC reset keys. In this, we are explaining how to fix the WIC reset utility key for free to fix the waste ink pad counter

  1. Read & reset the waste ink counter
  • Next, click on the read waste counters button
  • After fills the reset key trail
  • And click on the reset button, now it will be reset to your waste ink pad counter near to 100%. Using the above simple process your problem solved.

How to L380 Resetter Activate For Watch this Video…

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