Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi: You can try it. Assuming you are interfering with the through a Wi-Fi secure setting, for Example WPS, and the Wi-Fi light tone on the machine is not currently green, make sure the Wi-Fi button on the item is both. in Minutes or Less, the WPS button is immediately on the printer. Now hold down the Wi-Fi button on the switch printer for three seconds.

Assuming the item is not normally connected to your Wi-Fi network, the WEP key or WPA password may also be incorrect. Make sure the item is on the web and connected to your organization. Assuming your connection is remote, you must turn on the Wi-Fi Light. See your Quick Guide for additional nuances.

Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

Epson L3150 Wi-Fi Password Reset                    

  • If important, press the Start button
  • Tap Wi-Fi and select Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi Direct Settings
  • Select connection settings
  • select Change Password and select yes (To change the Wi-Fi Direct password)
  • Enter your new Wi-Fi Direct password
  • When you are done entering your password, press Enter and select Continue.
  • See below to see Wi-Fi Community Identification (SSID) and password
  • Use your pc or Wi-Fi contract to select the SSID to display on the LCD screen, and then enter the secret key that appears.
  • To exit press the Home button, you will see the Direct Association logo on the LCD show screen and you will want to print your item right away from your PC or gadget.

How to set Epson l3150 Wi-Fi

  • To start the interaction, hold down the Wi-Fi button on the printer for three seconds.
  • Now long press WPS on your switch and it will look for the contractions that need to be associated.
  • Wi-Fi exhibits a Sensitive glow on the printer after the Wi-Fi association is fruitful.
  • When the whole setup strategy is complete, each of the lights on the machine and switch will light up

Epson l3150 All Lights Blinking

Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

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How do I enable WIFI Direct on my Epson L3150?

On the other hand, hold down the Wi-Fi button and the Network status button until the Wi-Fi Light and Wi-Fi Direct light come on. And then power up each button. After each light is switched off, the Wi-Fi Direct Light is on

Hold the network Popularity button for about seven seconds to print the network Popularity Sheet.

Use your pc or Wi-Fi correction to select the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password displayed in the Wi-Fi Direct section of the Network Status Sheet. Right now you can instantly print your item from your PC or gadget. Assuming it is no longer printed, rehash the above technique and make sure the password composed on the local area notary sheet is kept accurate.

Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

Epson L3150 Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

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  1. Please can u help me which software u are using I have same problem
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