Epson L15150 Maintenance Box Price

Epson L15150 Maintenance Box Price

The maintenance box shops the ink that comes out of the device at some point on the paper head cleaning. Whenever the ink cartridge runs out or the redesign field stops miraculously, you need to replace it. Epson l15150 maintenance box price under 1500 / – Carefully dispose of used Epson Marked Ink Cartridges and Security Pressing Holders – If you return used ink cartridges and maintenance box pressing holders to Epson for ideal removal.

Epson L15150 Maintenance Box Resetter

Do not use the maintenance box again, which has been removed and uninstalled for more than seven days. Keep out of direct sunlight in the maintenance box. Note: You will not be able to print or smooth the print head when the redesign compartment is full, but you can do things that do not require ink such as checking. Remove the maintenance box and locate the chip. Place the chip in this resetter and push it down. Hold for a few moments and the counter will reset with nothing.

Epson L15150 Maintenance Box Replacement

  • From its bundle remove the new maintenance box
  • Turn off the power source and turn off the power wire and USB link.
  • Close the cover and rotate the object.
  • Click on tabs and disable the administrator (maintenance) field cover.
  • Slide the organization (maintenance) field as shown and override it.
  • Store the pre-owned recovery holder in the plastic bag that came here with the new safeguard box. Close the pack and carefully discard it.
  • Place the new upkeep (maintenance box) on the section and slide it.
  • Now replace the maintenance box cover

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