create bootable USB windows

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create bootable USB windows: How to create USB pen drive manual You are using the command prompt Or using the power ISO software If you want to complete this process you will need to follow step by step This process is impossible to process at least 4gb pen drive to process Below I will explain how to do this using its command prompt

Using the Command Prompt

  • You must first turn on your computer
  • USB Pen Drive Must Connect to USB Port
  • Command prompt To be Administrator
  • Type cmd to find and then cmd will appear  Then run as administrator
  • Then type diskpart on command and enter
  • After that, you can see the disc lists in our computer Type the disc list
  • They also see the USB DVD capacities
  • We need to select and enter one of those
  • Type in clean and enter the amount of data in it will be deleted
  • Create A partitioned Primary It should be used as partition Number one
  • Now select Partition 1 and select Activate it
  • Now enter ‘format quick’ and we need to change the NTFS file system
  • Next, Enter the exit and enter the diskpart The program should not close immediately because it is used in the next process

Creating boot sector: We have to look at USB drive in the which location D: And if we have DVD location in F: we’ve got it through a few steps Copying file installation:

1.    We install windows from USB

2.    We have all DVD files in USB Copy and install Windows

3.    To do this we need to use the command prompt too

4.    Your USB Pen Drive Is Ready For Install Windows

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